Building Financial Resilience

Our Training for Workplaces

Financial Resilience 101



Our advisers facilitate a series of presentations. These are engaging and interactive sessions aimed at educating staff and giving them the knowledge they need to improve their financial and mental wellbeing.


Our first session teaches:


  • Budgeting, tools to track your money effectively

  • Structuring bank accounts for success

  • The power of compounding interest and returns

  • Managing and reducing Debt

  • Benefits of renting vs buying

  • Buying your first home

  • Your home or car is not your biggest asset

  • Building wealth for retirement

  • Getting the most out of KiwiSaver


Price:  Free


This is a 45 minute session excluding one 10 min break. Each session is run by a Financial Adviser. We run this session with a maximum of 30 attendees and ask the employer to allow us one-on-one sessions (roughly 20 mins) with staff either following or at a time convenient.